Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Poppies and pranksters

Yesterday at school, O learned about April Fools. It was a massive discovery. A mind-blowing revelation. And thus began hours testing pranks and calibrating what works. While looking at mom, you can't say, "Guess what? You're a rhino! (pause) April Fools!" Mom just rolls her eyes. But you can say, "Oh, man! I just cut my foot! (mom walks over to look). April Fools!" Jokes that get a reaction = awesome. And for a Five-Year-Old-Tomorrow, that is intoxicating power.

So this morning, there was a plastic ant in his dad's smoothie, a report that there was a snake loose in the house (plausible in a ground floor Southeast Asian flat), and a fake, "I can't find my shoes!"

Godspeed elementary teachers.

That jokester O is home soon, and while I prepare for part-two, I've stolen a couple joke-free hours to doodle and to paint. My sweet sister gave me a tin of Winsor & Newton watercolors this summer, and today I played:

Nature and spring were on my mind, so while those starts dried, I grew some poppies with my pens:

A couple hours of quiet restore both soul and humor. I'm ready for all the plastic insects that Almost-Birthday-Boy has to offer.

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