Thursday, 26 February 2015



Chinese New Year is over. We're two months into 2015. And, we are on the other side of travel season---Travel season and visitor season and are getting back into regular-routine season. (of course, as I write this, P is sitting at work with a packed suitcase for an afternoon flight to India)

We savored holidays in Laos with amazing Gram and Gramps, where I drug them to Ock Pop Tok and Passa Paa two times just to touch the textiles. Then I was off to Japan with 20 of my closest high school student friends. We hiked in waist high snow, ate sashimi every day, and we admired sewer covers:

Everything in Japan was art. I had to restrain from buying bowls adorned with budgies and every last twee handkerchief.

Since returning, I've finished a commissioned piece and started to doodle patterns that Nagoya left ringing in my mind. Like the commissioned art demands, I'm trying to use this fresh 2015 start to "Do Something Brand New."