Monday, 30 May 2016

Keeping Place

One Green Bee is going home for a few weeks!
She's going to see lots of trees and trails and sky!
She's going to eat food from the farmers' market! And pick her own raspberries!
Wiiiiiiiiild times!

Before she goes bananas back in the Pacific Northwest, she has to be organized and pretend she has her act together and leave generous shop owners with little signs that say, "This person is real and does some stuff for sorta thoughtful reasons." Consider the following a place holder for a revamp of the One Green Bee Studio website. When I'm not jogging those trails and staring at that wide Washington sky, I will also hopefully be piecing together a web presence that isn't just me rambling about what I'll have for breakfast. Although fresh homegrown raspberries are kind of the best breakfast in the world.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tiny Wishes

Recently, a friend and I started to cope with the countdown towards summer through Tiny Wishes. He casually said when leaving the room at work, something to the effect of, "I wish I had a cup of coffee to take with me to this meeting." And I replied, "Tiny Wishes by S." I'm encouraging him to launch a line of cartoons. I'd buy 'em.

Tiny Wishes started winging back and forth on email. Hopes disguised as complaints? Maybe. But they are amusing, and amusing is healthy.

I wish my desk chair didn't squeak.
I wish this bagel didn't have raisins in it.
I wish I could remember everyone's name at work.
I wish my Yankee Candle didn't smell like cardboard.
I wish I could dance like Beyonce.

Okay, maybe that last one isn't so tiny. But, you do whatever you gotta do to laugh your way through the last 17 days until Gramma's.

I wish the hideous floral background matched the pears.
I wish I could look at these sunflowers and see something other than eyeballs.