Monday, 9 November 2015

Gratitude Season

Oh, how I love seasons (exception being the recent haze apocalypse). I'm being redundant, but I am someone that needs change and rhythms to find her center. And right now, on the edge of the monsoons, I'm feeling that tiny turning of weather with enormous delight.

Knowing that a big rain might carry my afternoon away, I'm running again in the morning. Longer runs. Some of them have taken me back to parts of Singapore that I haven't visited for years, and a recent one took me past a mighty Kapok Tree.
As my new venture suggests, I love these dinosaurs---long brontosaurus limbs stretching their way through jungles and up into wide skies.

They represent the stretching is happening all over the place. Today, brave Kaye took me to the shop that is now carrying our products. I feel like I'm in Form School, learning to say good afternoon and smile politely at kind strangers and not reveal embarrassing details or hide behind a book or pretend I have to go to the bathroom to escape actual human contact. Kaye is long ago a graduate of all-things-socially-acceptable, and her delightful conversations are leading to such good things:

If only I'd had a PR partner my whole life.

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, t's a good season to be grateful for Kaye's ability to interact with humans, dark clouds slowing down our day, and trees growing. 

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