Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Oh My Gosh! You're Building the Nativity!

Happy Christmas and good job, you! I can't believe you actually stopped by!

If you received the Green family Christmas card, you're ready for a little Nativity craftin'. (Didn't get one? I blame international postal systems. Wait a week and then email onegreenbee@gmail.com.) 

You're going to need scissors, tape, an X-acto knife, and very low expectations. If you're over 21, this is probably more enjoyable with a glass of wine. Go for it. It's the holidays. If you're under 21, thanks for helping out your folks. They owe you hot cocoa.


Step 1: Impatiently cut out the pieces. You could try bribing your six year old, but he will roll his eyes and remind you that this is "your project, mom." 

Step 2: Fold back the sides of the donkey, wise men, shepherd, and manger.  Set the star pieces, baby, and ecstatic new parents aside.
(Keep your eye on the three kings. They either already had a sip of the holiday wine or are poorly designed)

Step 3: Things are getting fancy! Take that X-acto and make a slit along Joseph's arm. 

Fold the sides back on Mary and Joseph and lay the baby in the manger. Much like Oscar Gus at that age, he's probably not as sleepy as everyone told you newborns would be. We'll get him out of that crib soon.

Time to build a star! 

Step 4: Cut a slit from the edge of the star base to the center. 

Step 5: Don't be me. FIRST, take your X-acto knife and cut a slit in the base about the same width of the star handle. THEN, pull the corner of the cut area of the base over a bit and tape it down to form a low (and kind of lame) cone. 

Step 6: Marvel at the simple construction and brainstorm ways you would have done this better. Insert the star in the slit, and voila----a star of wonder!

Step 7: And now, thanks to your sense of humor and determination, you have a miniature Nativity scene. Get that baby out of the manger and into his parents' arms.

And if you're Oscar Gus, invite a few strangers to marvel at the scene. Because we believe that everyone--EVERYONE--is welcome at the manger.

Happiest of Holidays!

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