Monday, 29 September 2014


Yesterday, I enjoyed some kitchen time with a good friend and talented chef. We channeled our inner nonnas and got down to work. It was adult Playdoh, and it tasted far superior to the kind Oscar Gus sometimes samples:

Today, fueled by ravioli, I played with illustration submissions and got them to a point where I could hit "send" without too much eye-rolling:

The results, much like our initial attempts at running semolina dough through the pasta machine, were varied and fun and slightly off-kilter:

I really didn't intend the Italian theme to spill over into so many Leaning Towers of Pisa (or Prague or Singapore or Moscow or Amsterdam)--but there they are. Maybe I need a massage to work out a kink in my neck. Or perhaps I need to start using a ruler. Who cares when there are a few Magic Babushkas hiding in the nooks and crannies...or maybe--Strega Nonas?

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