Thursday, 25 September 2014

Permission to fail

I do love the value of a sketchbook exchange. At work, brave folks are tinkering together in one, and for this round, I modeled a willingness to embrace doodles that veer off course.

Originally, I had fantasies it would turn into a coloring book page as an entry for Doodlers Anonymous, but in the end...oh, in the end we just let ourselves step away from the book. In the spirit of using this exchange as a place to dabble, to fail, and to try---here it is in all its gaudy glory:
The theme was "Contrasts in Nature." My vision was unusual animals decorated in patterns from the natural world that contrast with their unique selves. The result is too-cute scribbles that I lost interest in and colored with Adobe Illustrator in hopes of a miraculous (an unsuccessful) make-over. It seems to me that a walrus and his wild friends have invaded a pint of rainbow sherbet.

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